December Frost

In this part of the world the typical December landscape is snowy and the default background for everything is white! Bare ground is unusual, and a  contrasting morning frost even more so. Last night started out cold and clear but at some point a heavy fog rolled in and froze, covering everything in huge white crystals.


Japanese Larch cone (about 3/4 inch long) with morning frost

I was a little late to the party and showed up with the wrong lens, but I managed to capture a few memories from this spectacular event.


American Elm on the floodplain of the Chenango River


Farmland in the Chenango River valley


Farmland in the Chenango River valley


Farm homestead

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.




18 thoughts on “December Frost

    • Thanks!!! I was up and about very early this morning but wasn’t aware of the amount of heavy frost in the valley below. Could kick myself for not skipping chores and breakfast! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a frosty landscape event quite like this one.

    • Thanks Lisa! I was late and in a hurry, so these were close to home – south end of campus (the larch and elm) and the farms (Maciag?) about a mile south of campus along Eaton Road.

  1. So glad you managed to capture these. They’re wonderful. We rarely see this kind of a freeze. The one time I was out and about when it did happen, of course I didn’t have the camera with me.

  2. Thanks Gunta. I see 1 or 2 of these a year, but have never experienced landscapes like this in December. Things get crazy when you realize what is going on. As the sun rises, the frosty scenes are like butter in a skillet under low heat and you frantically run a brain search for the best location for a quality image. Then, as you race to get there, hope the police are of like mind or on a coffee break.

  3. The frozen crystals which turned the village into a “north pole village” has everyone buzzing. So glad you got some photos–this was definitely an unusual happening.

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