Fun with Squirrels: the Big Grays

The Eastern Gray Squirrel, one of the most familiar animals in eastern U.S., is not timid around bird feeders in wooded residential areas. They’ll visit feeders year-round, but arrive en masse when the snow flies!


The prominent bushy tail becomes larger and fuller with age. At maturity, it can be half the total length of a squirrel and is a thing of beauty. A gray squirrel isn’t all that big – about a pound – but the tail gives a much different impression!




Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “Fun with Squirrels: the Big Grays

    • Ha! I know what you mean. They’re ingenious; world class gymnasts. I know someone who has spent a lifetime trying to outsmart them, with limited success. I don’t even try. First come, first serve – and there seems to be enough grub to go around. Thanks for the visit, and good luck with your feeding program!

  1. I like the gray squirrels—well, I like all the furry beast. I never realized it was the big busy tail that caused the gray to look so big. These are fun photos…

  2. That last shot really highlights the sumptuousness of the tail in your tale, Nick. I love the way squirrels move, bounding along in all lightness and grace. Rather admire that with maturity comes beauty too 🙂

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