Gulls in Winter

I usually take a scenic, secondary road when shopping for supplies, a route bordered by farms, woodlots ….and the county landfill. The waste water pond at the landfill is sometimes a point of interest for birders, attracting the occasional raptor as well as resident ducks, geese and gulls. A large, mixed flock of gulls, hunkering down on a frigid morning with a sub-zero windchill, provided me with a monochromatic winter scene, very typical of Central New York this time of year.



Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “Gulls in Winter

  1. I like the one outsider gull in the foreground of the second shot! I can relate to not wanting to be in the middle of the mob! It looks pretty cold though. Perhaps the extra body heat might be welcome.

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