Bird Feeder Survey – 14January2016

Winter weather isn’t always conducive to outdoor photography. There are times when cheating, i.e. setting up beside the wood stove and observing wildlife over bait, is the more rewarding (and sane) thing to do. Mindful of that reality, but wanting to work with the special effects of snow, I decided to create a photographic record of the wild visitors to my “bird” feeders this winter. My goal is to present each visiting species, bird or mammal, popular or unpopular, in an aesthetically pleasing way.


European Starling


White-throated Sparrow


“Stubby” the tailless, three-legged Red Squirrel!

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.



14 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Survey – 14January2016

  1. Wonderful pictures. We have a Starling or two, a cowbird, Red belly woodpecker, gold finches, Hairy wp’s, Downies etc.

    • I’m seeing the usual winter birds: chickadees; juncos; hairy, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, jays, doves, etc. Had one, brief sighting of a male purple finch but a squirrel chased it away just as I was about to press the shutter button! Much winter ahead, so who knows?!

  2. The Starling photo is outstanding. I never realized a Starling was this “good looking”. And whats not to like about Stubby. The furry little beast makes me smile.

    • Thanks Betsy. We have some nasty weather moving in this weekend, which should trigger more activity at the feeders and create some interesting scenes. Hoping for something unusual, but everyone is fair game!

  3. Squirrel after my own heart! I love a survivor! I think we will see more “war heroes ” in our area with the return of some predators.

    • A Coopers Hawk is hunting the neighborhood feeders (“fly-through restaurants”). A couple of weeks ago it flew in and missed a red squirrel feeding on an old stump, no more than 15 feet in front of me!

  4. The European Starlings in South Africa – now known as Common Starlings – tend to have a shifty look about them, I think. This one looks angelical!

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