Stubby the Red Squirrel: an Update

As reported in an earlier post

Stubby the Red Squirrel was discovered at the bird feeders months ago. After watching a Cooper’s Hawk attack and miss a red squirrel in December, I assumed that Stubby was doomed. Nature’s way. Miraculously, this feisty little squirrel is alive and well, doing what high-strung red squirrels do: running back and forth between feeders and retreat cover and battling other squirrels for dominance. Tunneling in the deep piles of shoveled snow between food and cover is the preferred mode of travel.


Looks can be deceiving. Despite this “Bring it on!” game face, Stubby has lost the dominance battle with three other red squirrels and is apt to feed when they’re not around.


Mobility has been the question from day one. Stubby can now motor along quite rapidly on a hard surface. In fact, the short burst from feed to cover is usually too fast for me and, in the absence of bright light, my camera. The healthy hind leg has become strong and powerful.




All things considered, Stubby climbs well. I’ve also seen him hanging upside down on the side of a stump, anchored firmly by the one hind foot while digging for grain.



Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Stubby the Red Squirrel: an Update

  1. What a beautiful spirit. He has amy favorite quality, grit! Amazing what tenacity some creatures can have. I had a totally blind cat once that ruled the roost around here and never knew she had a disabilty. We humans could learn a lesson from this little guy!

  2. Beautiful photography, Nick! Isn’t it amazing that Stubby has managed so well? Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of Nature’s resilience… Stubby just transitioned my mood to a higher level! 🙂

  3. This story and images gave me shivers. The spirit that lives within us all is pretty amazing. Superb images and thanks for giving us the rest of the story. Say hi to Stubby for me when next you see him.

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