Frozen Beauty in Macro

An icy, water-drenched scene at the base of a tiny waterfalls interrupted my morning stroll. It was a bright and cheery little landscape, created by the mist and spray of a small stream tumbling out of a drainage culvert and splashing against rocks.


I deviated from my morning routine for several days, pausing to observe and photograph the development and aging of this miniature phenomenon. One rock in particular, covered in moss and bead-like ice crystals, became the subject of interest.


Viewed closely, the ice formations revealed dynamic patterns invisible to the naked eye. Crystal size, shape and color were in a constant state of flux; even with a burst of shots, no two images were identical.








This post was fun, and the discovery of skulls, zombies, selfies, dragons and other mysterious things under the magnification of camera lens and transparent ice crystals was an added bonus. But, I was also mindful of the deeper, global meaning of the scene.  The key ingredients in the ice-art recipe — bare ground, exposed rocks, running water — were present because of the record-breaking warmth of this winter. I don’t ever recall scenes like this, in early February, during my 30 years in the snow belt.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


15 thoughts on “Frozen Beauty in Macro

  1. I’ve never seen anything like that, Nick! Isn’t it amazing how we are forever discovering interesting facets of nature… stunning features and marvels that are often overlooked? Beautiful images, Nick. Well done!

  2. I love macro photography!! The small details that many eyes miss are the details that confirm how complex and beautiful nature is. Thanks

    • Glad you liked it Betsy. Posts like this one reflect the influence that my beagle has had on me. His philosophy of life is “investigate everything in front of your nose..and there will never be a dull moment”. In trying to be the man he thinks I am, I follow suit. 🙂

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