Late Winter Highlights, 2016

The late winter weather has been a roller coaster ride. In just the last week or so, seventy-degree swings in temperature were accompanied by snow squalls; balmy, spring-like days; dark gray skies and cold rains; freezing water; melting ice….and anything else you can imagine. This is the week in review, minus all of the bad stuff!


The Chenango Canal under a thin sheet of ice (Feb. 23)


Cold rain and runoff formed ice along a small stream


A Chipmunk appears above ground for the first time in 2016 –  its enthusiasm  dampened by a cold, winter rain (Feb. 24)



A Canada Goose exploring, and defending, open water (Feb. 25)


Deer moving freely, foraging in the middle of the day;  in most years, movement would be limited by deep snow (Feb. 27)


Stubby the Red Squirrel, with an exciting discovery on the rapidly melting snow cover (Feb. 28)……..



Stubby, dozing in the late morning sun on a frigid day


Eastern Hemlock, “old growth”

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.



8 thoughts on “Late Winter Highlights, 2016

    • Ha! I don’t cheat often, but this little guy is breaking all of the rules..and taking me down with him. When he dropped down behind a stump, I opened the dining room window and gave it a toss. He totally ignored it. Until I let my guard down, whence he sprinted over and grabbed it, spun around, and bolted for the nearest spruce tree! Late winter fun. 🙂

    • Thanks Charlie. Glad you’re enjoying the stories. Some might think that this little squirrel is tame or slow but he’s actually more easily spooked than the other reds and often moves faster than I can react. A squeak from a window or door and he’s off and running as fast as 3 little legs will work.

  1. These photos really capture the last few weeks of February—I liked the deer and Canada goose…Color was really nice…Of course Stubby is always fun to see…

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