Wildflower Practice!?

Despite the warm, moist conditions, my woodlot is devoid of wildflowers. It’s too early, and the cold, snowy weather moving in this direction will hold things up a bit longer.  Under the circumstances, I was ecstatic over this brightly colored macro opportunity, discovered while working in the woods:

Cup fungus on a fallen branch


Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

Current Events: Stubby the Red Squirrel

From a photographer’s point of view, Stubby can be a challenge. He’s difficult to “pattern”: sometimes he’s out of sight for a day or two; sometimes he’s crepuscular, feeding in the dim light of early morning and late evening; sometimes, like today, he’s out in the middle of the yard in the mid-day sun running in circles, from seed to seed. He’s also becoming more adventurous, investigating stone walls, brush piles and other habitats beyond his original cruising radius. In any event, he lives, and life is good.



Photos by NB Hunter. 30March2016. © All Rights Reserved.

Chipmunks and Stone Walls

Chipmunks travel, loaf and hide in and around loose stone walls. These members of the squirrel family are widely known, easily approached and plentiful, sometimes too plentiful. So, why bother to photograph them, repeatedly, through the seasons? Well, they work the camera with a repertoire of poses and looks that is seductive and limitless! I simply can’t ignore them and succumb to the cute factor.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.



Super Cold, Super Cooled

The erratic weather of March helps explain why the definition of “snow” isn’t as simple as one might think. Yesterday morning I discovered a light coating of “graupel”, one of the many types of snow.

The morning temperature at ground level was in the low teens. Cold!!! That night, super-cooled water droplets in the cloud layer had coated snowflakes, which then fell as tiny white balls called graupel (also soft hail, snow pellets).


Graupel and frost on Turkey Tail mushroom


Graupel and frost on moss and leaves


Graupel and frost on a moss-covered log

Photos by NB Hunter 19March2016. © All Rights Reserved.