Spring Portrait: Stubby

Stubby, the subject of several posts over the last 5 months, continues to beat all odds and is alive and well!


Stubby, the tailless, three-legged Red Squirrel; still running wild and free

Photo by NB Hunter



12 thoughts on “Spring Portrait: Stubby

  1. Usually I don’t like squirrels because they steal from the bird feeder, sometimes emptying it in a few hours. But your wonderful photos, like this one, are making me reconsider. 🙂

    • I understand completely. Love-hate, esp. with the reds. In the last 2 weeks I’ve found chewed wires on both my truck and 4-wheeler. I’m blaming field mice, but the reds will do the same…and more. I reluctantly target problem animals when the need arises. But, for the most part, I feed and photograph everyone who comes knocking!

  2. Always cheering for the underdog. What a wonderful treat to find after being away from the ‘puter for two weeks! Just barely recovering from the nastiest cold I can ever remember having.

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