Chipmunks and Stone Walls

Chipmunks travel, loaf and hide in and around loose stone walls. These members of the squirrel family are widely known, easily approached and plentiful, sometimes too plentiful. So, why bother to photograph them, repeatedly, through the seasons? Well, they work the camera with a repertoire of poses and looks that is seductive and limitless! I simply can’t ignore them and succumb to the cute factor.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.




10 thoughts on “Chipmunks and Stone Walls

  1. What is there to say other that the chipmunk is adorable although it can be a pest…These photographs certainly made me smile…

  2. Ha ha ha!! Nick, I think many of us have succumbed to the “cuteness” factor. Chipmunks have highly irritated me many times while camping, but I still can’t help but fall for those sweet faces and hilarious antics. I guess I’m a sucker!! 😀

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