Current Events: Stubby the Red Squirrel

From a photographer’s point of view, Stubby can be a challenge. He’s difficult to “pattern”: sometimes he’s out of sight for a day or two; sometimes he’s crepuscular, feeding in the dim light of early morning and late evening; sometimes, like today, he’s out in the middle of the yard in the mid-day sun running in circles, from seed to seed. He’s also becoming more adventurous, investigating stone walls, brush piles and other habitats beyond his original cruising radius. In any event, he lives, and life is good.



Photos by NB Hunter. 30March2016. © All Rights Reserved.


15 thoughts on “Current Events: Stubby the Red Squirrel

    • Thanks Laura. I was lucky to get that image. He still has zero tolerance for me, which makes it difficult to get within range for quality shots. He’s a tiny target!

      • Do you have any idea what might have maimed him? Could it have been human, or just being more cautious given the close call he obviously encountered.

  1. I can’t believe a human was involved, even though he exhibits less human tolerance than the other reds. There is a large cat in the area that I know preys – with some success – on chipmunks, small squirrels and other vulnerable critters. I keep an old tennis ball handy as a deterrent.

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