Many of my hikes involve abandoned places where some evidence of past land use practices remains.

Cedar posts, porcelain electric fence insulators and rusty wire persist along the boundaries of abandoned farms. Grain fields and pastures have given way to brush lots and lawns, and in many cases these weathered artifacts are the main evidence of an era when working farms prevailed.



Most of the old railroads are gone but the beds were built to last. Where feasible, the rail corridors have been adopted by local conservation groups and transformed into an impressive network of multi-use trails.



Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


One thought on ““Abandoned”

  1. The place I previously lived had an abandoned rail corridor. The locals tried to turn it into a walking path (very much needed in that area), but the farmers who had already appropriated the strip to expand their fields for grazing won out. Sad.

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