Random Images of an Icy Spring


Balsam Fir on a cold, snowy morning


House Finch



Cottontail in a cold rain, looking for supplemental feed; nest somewhere nearby


Cottontail response to the rising sun: retreat cover



Goldfinches, molting into their breeding plumage

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


10 thoughts on “Random Images of an Icy Spring

  1. …and I, on the other hand, love the icy balsam fir and the icicles. Details, details, details of macrophotography. 🙂

    • Thanks Kathy. Agree – details!!! Every time I sit by the stream and photograph ice I tell myself “get it right – this will be the last ice until next year”. I think I first said that a month ago…:)

  2. For the longest time I thought all of our goldfinches disappeared in the winter until I learned that they lose their bright yellow plumage during that season. Just picture me heading to the high desert of AZ and NM while you still have your ice out there! Going to visit some old Pueblos, Canyon de Chelly and Chaco Canyon. I’ll send warm thoughts your way! 😉

    • Glad you liked these Denise. I’m struggling a bit to find good subjects and quality images during our extended “winter” and dreary weather patterns. Under the circumstances, feedback like this is precious!

  3. So many details here, Nick. Like the way you mesh the relation between fauna, flora and climate. Interesting to see the seasonal triggers – birds getting into mating plumage, rabbits seeking out nesting sites … Yet that icy grip on the land looks to be throwing the ‘program’ out of kilter – the El Niño effect?

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