Spring Colors

A continuous cycle of rainy, cold weather has made it difficult to enjoy the flush of new growth and vibrant colors that define early spring. A welcome exception to these dismal conditions is the presence of goldfinches swarming around the Nyjer seed* feeders. Their bright breeding plumage has a florescent glow in the drizzle and fog.




*Nyjer seed: a trademarked name for the seed of African yellow daisy, grown commercially in African, India, southeast Asia

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “Spring Colors

  1. Really nice shots, Nick!
    For the longest time I thought we had lesser goldfinches in the winter and American goldfinch in the summer, but I checked the map this year and saw that lessers are not here! So this year, I watched them turn color instead of thinking they were a different bird! Haha! I love them.
    I always thought nyger seed was thistle seed. See? You learn something new many times a day!
    Have a wonderful day today.

    • Thanks Mary. They seem to arrive en mass at just the right time, when most needed, in order to right the ship! I’ve watched and photographed goldfinches in the wild as they foraged on thistle seeds in fallow fields. Before researching the subject, I assumed the commercial seed was simply the result of selective breeding–“super thistle”!!! I fear invasives but the Nyjer is reportedly sterilized to avoid such problems.

    • Thanks! Given the weather and nearly continuous movement of birds feeding, fighting and jockeying for position at my small feeder, I feel fortunate to have captured these images.

  2. Nick, love the last goldfinch pic where the white markings on his wings come together to make a lovely design that has the essence of Native America.👍🏽👍🏼 kathy

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