Mid May 2016

This past week saw the rapid expansion and growth of Sugar Maple foliage,


The fading of some early spring wildflowers,


Marsh Marigold

And the fresh blooms of new arrivals in the sequence of bloom,


Painted Trillium, the last of the 3 native trilliums to bloom


Wild Apple tree

Plants within a species don’t bloom simultaneously, an adaptation that helps avoid catastrophic losses due to environmental extremes. There is a frost warning for tonight, but only 10 – 20% of the wild apple trees have started to bloom. Hoping we get through this with plenty of blossoms …and apples… to enjoy!

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “Mid May 2016

  1. Lovely images all, but you make me miss my apple trees from the old house. The showy blossoms in spring and then the yummy, crunchy apples in fall.

      • …a deer and bear magnet..? 🙂
        Have you read Pollan’s book (I think it was “Botany of Desire”) where he tells of the original Johnny Appleseed?

      • I read a bio on Appleseed a long time ago; don€™t remember the author. Will check out Pollan€™s Botany of Desire. Johnny A passed through this area in his travels (Route 20 is an old east-west travel corridor) and I wonder if the wild trees that I tend are descendants. I should make a list of everything that I ha€™ve seen associated with apple trees:€“ deer, bear, turkeys, cottontails, grouse, butterflies, songbirds, bees…. Thanks!

    • Thanks Betsy. I didn’t know Painted Trillium until we moved to NYS. They’re site sensitive and prefer cool moist woodlands. They’re fairly common in mountain forests but not so around here. Love the red trillium but this one edges it out as my favorite!

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