Swallow Activity

Tree Swallow activity in mid May is an absolute joy to observe. In just a few minutes time mated pairs can be seen nest building, battling intruders, feeding on the wing, resting and preening. They’re also quite vocal and the continuous twitter chatter is fascinating in and of itself. The focal point of all activity is a nest box on a post, located in a field or open area (the steel post used as a perch in these images is the anchor for a nest box that is just out sight). Enjoy!!!







Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


10 thoughts on “Swallow Activity

  1. Amazing captures, Nick! I have found it very hard to photograph swallows. They almost never seem to stop flying, or I never had my camera ready and pointed at the the right spot. However, you seem to have mastered the art of freezing them in motion!

    • Thanks Hien. You’re giving me much too much credit. They’re very tolerant of me siting in the weeds, active in bright morning sun, and predictable, all of which made my images possible. I set up on the nest and shoot as they come and go. I’ve had little success trying to capture foraging swallows in full flight mode. 🙂

    • Thanks Jane. I was using my “discovery walk” all-purpose lens, a modest 70-300 mm Nikon. But, these images reflect the shooting conditions more than the gear..I was sitting in the brush, very close to the nest box, and after a while they more or less ignored me and went about their business.

      • Well done! I think your photography talents enter into these photos as well. The results you achieve with the “discovery walk” lens continue to amaze me, Nick. By the way, swallows are my all time favorite species… Thank you for the beautiful images.

  2. Thanks for the delightful memories. The old house had several nesting boxes when we moved there. Every summer we’d get to watch the tree swallows So their nesting and (I believe) raising two batches of young’uns. I tried to catch them in flight during our SW trip, but only ended up with a couple of blurs. Your shots made up for that! 🙂

    • So true. Another aspect of shoots like this one is the satisfaction of reaping the benefits of land stewardship and habitat management activities. Appreciate the lovely comment Lori!!!

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