Tree Leaves and Flowers

The emergence of new foliage on deciduous trees is a beautiful process and signature event in the spring season.


Quaking (Trembling) Aspen, 5/20/2016


Red Oak, 5/22/2016

And the Wild Apple trees are in full bloom too!


Wild Apple trees, 5/22/2016

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


5 thoughts on “Tree Leaves and Flowers

  1. I love what I call “spring green” of the leaves. It’s a very special shade indeed. Here in town my favorite tree to watch is a weeping willow that bursts out with the most tender green anyone could imagine. 😉

    • Agree, the willows put on quite a show. We have very large black willows in the lowlands that are very showy when leafing out. Some call it lime green but spring green is better – there are too many variants to dump everything into one box.

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