Late Spring Scenes, 2016

Becoming immersed in the continuum of spring scenes from March to June is a bit like viewing a blog post that features an endless gallery of world-class images. Each phase of spring has exceptional, defining visual qualities and it’s virtually impossible to pick favorites.

Young Red Squirrels are maturing rapidly, but still show the fearless curiosity of a juvenile.


Buttercups are in full bloom…



As are the Dame’s Rockets…..


Tiger Swallowtails, our most common, large butterfly, liven up the June landscape as they follow the sequence of bloom.


Tiger Swallowtail on hawkweed

And it’s not all about youngsters and flowers: large herbivores seize the moment, feasting on succulent new plant growth (throughout the day if undisturbed).


A young doe (yearling) foraging in a brushy meadow


Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Late Spring Scenes, 2016

    • Ha! The credit for squirrel pics goes to the subjects, not the photographer! I have 4 kids hanging out at the bird feeders as we speak and every now and then I grab the camera and watch, waiting for one of them to do something silly or cute. Regrettably, my last sightings and photos of Stubby were in early April. I assume he’s gone, although there’s an outside chance these juveniles are his. i plan to do a photo booklet on the life and times of Stubby. I have plenty of good shots from winter and early spring but would have enjoyed tracking his behavior beyond year one and arriving at a more complete story. Appreciate the visit Littlesundog. Best wishes to you and your “extended family”!!!

  1. I have to agree with “littlesundog”. The photos are excellent, but I’m sad to hear that Stubby hasn’t been seen. The photo booklet sounds like a great idea. I like the idea that perhaps it is his progeny that lives on. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. 🙂

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