Portraits of a Young Red Squirrel, 2016

Cool, dark days with occasional rain shifted my extracurricular activities from nature photography to firewood and habitat management. Every time I left the house to do something a family of 4 or 5 young red squirrels ran for cover. All but one. I think he viewed my presence as an opportunity rather than a threat: he could gobble up bird seed in the absence of sibling competition.

Needing a break, I got the camera and approached slowly, keeping a low profile. Eventually I was motionless, in a prone position, and he resumed normal activity. Shutter noise aroused his curiosity, but didn’t drive him away. I can now share an intimate, 20-minute peek into the daily life of an adolescent red squirrel!

(PS: the pinkish flowers in the background are Dame’s Rocket, a garden escapee that closely resembles Phlox).








Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


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