The White Admiral

I often encounter White Admiral butterflies in late spring and summer because we frequent the same habitats: woodlands and associated openings, edges and wet places. The caterpillars feed on willows and aspens, common woody plants in the region.

They’re a difficult target: adults rarely settle, fluttering and gliding every which way, in an unpredictable manner. This one fluttered from flower to flower for a minute or so, then, with no warning, just disappeared over the tree tops! Appearing black and white in flight, their brilliant coloration can’t be fully appreciated unless they pause for nourishment and the underside of a wing becomes visible.


White Admiral nectaring on Dame’s Rocket

Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “The White Admiral

  1. What a great catch. The house we’re working on down south has LOTS of Viceroys and they’re beautiful, but I have yet to get close enough to even think of getting a shot. How very clever of you to catch this beauty!

    • Thanks Gunta. I do this a lot but can’t suggest one fool-proof strategy. I often have the camera within reach when I’m working outside and scan whatever is in full bloom. 10 am to 4 pm (heat of the day!) is prime. Sometimes I chase, sometimes I wait for something to come my way….and often times I fail to get anything good at all. Composition and busy backgrounds are by far my biggest obstacles 🙂

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