9 thoughts on “Summer Landscapes: Round Bales

    • Thanks Hien. While I was sitting roadside to get the shot, an elderly gentleman walked over to chat. Turns out he was a retired farmer and the original owner of the fields I was photographing. I got a good history lesson and made a friend. He and his wife – both loved the scene and the memories it conveyed – will receive a nice print!

  1. I like this picture. We do rectangular bales here and they are all over our field right now. Did you take your banner shot? I really love it. Geese are such great parents. And how cute are those goslings?!

    • Thanks Mary. Round bales are the most common in recent years but we still have some rectangular bales; also a few Amish fields with stacked/bundled hay. I was thrilled to see these fresh out of the baler because they’re usually lined up and bubble-wrapped in white poly, a scene that doesn’t do much for me. Yes, that’s my Header., taken iback in May on a friends pond/wetland. You’re right – cute factor is off the charts!

    • Thanks for the nice comments Tina. You’re absolutely right about hay bales in a field. And your eye for detail – few would notice the wind mills on the distant hilltop! As you well know, landscape shots like this are a big challenge in terms of subject and composition. The dynamics and fleeting moments of opportunity drive me crazy. E.g. most of our round bales are now in rows and wrapped in white poly and the road maintenance crews have been quite busy mowing the roadside flowers and grasses that complete a composition. On the flip side, a local photographer has some fantastic shots of a family of coyotes playing on a big round bale!

  2. I once had a visitor from the city and I almost had her convinced that the white poly wrapped hay bales were marshmallows. 😀 Beautiful catch and I agree- it’s all about the moment (before things get tidied up)! So very glad you caught this idyllic scene. The coyotes on the bale would be fun to see.

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