Does and Their Fawns

An evening on a dairy farm, watching fields of hay, oats (soon to be baled for straw) and corn.






Heading for the ripening corn


Motherly duties and TLC


Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “Does and Their Fawns

  1. Beautiful shots, Nick. I especially like the one where mom is licking the fawn, and you can just see baby’s ears above the grass.

    • Thanks Mary. I’m glad you noticed the doe-fawn interaction. That scene is special. I had trouble getting the shot – I could barely see the ears from my blind. I waited patiently for the fawn to raise its head just a bit higher…but it just jumped up and started walking in the blink of the eye and I had to settle for the one good image. 🙂

  2. You know I’m fond of your deer photos. We are seeing Daisy and her little buck (the other was taken – Daisy went to battle but lost it), and of course Emma and Ronnie are doing very well. I look forward to walks to the river this fall to see if there are other does and fawns around. And the rut is just down the road! Hopefully, we’ll see some great bucks!

    • You’re a good storyteller and I enjoy hearing about your wildlife interactions as well. I’ve now gained access to a couple of dairy farms for photography and hope to include more bucks in future posts. September – prerut – is prime time for portraits! My obstacles are shooting light and time management – I think I can deal with the latter!? Those walks to the river sound exciting, with lots of things to see and many surprises along the way – good luck!!!

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