Patrolling the Airways

The dragonflies of late summer. We patrol the same meadow trails and fields and have frequent encounters. I plod along in search of a good image, while they perform what appear to be impossible aerial maneuvers as they forage on mosquitoes and other tiny insects.


Twelve-spotted Skimmer at rest

Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “Patrolling the Airways

    • Wow. That’s quite a compliment. Thanks Hien. I have several Nikon lenses but only one is professional grade – the 105 mm f/2.8 macro. I rarely carry it when I’m hunting things like butterflies and dragonflies because it’s difficult to track movement and also get close enough to the subject. In this case the 105 was my only option. I got as close as I thought possible and managed just this one shot, a fraction of a second before it flew away.

    • You’re absolutely right about that Charlie. And I’ve found the camera to be the perfect vehicle to “cross over” into the unnoticed world that lies beyond normal! Many thanks for your recent visits and comments.

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