Mature White-tail Bucks

Deer are plentiful, a serious nuisance in many suburbs. However, mature bucks in their prime are uncommon and tend to be nocturnal. They are my new project. Following a lead on  sightings of a 4 to 5 year-old trophy, I investigated his territory last night to explore my options. I spooked does on my way in and was snorted at by a doe 10 meters behind me while hiding in the goldenrods.

I saw no antlered bucks and decided to capture the sunset before leaving.


While reaching for my gear I saw movement in the dim light, apparently a deer at the edge of the hay field, about 150 meters away. It was the big guy!


His antlers were surprisingly free of velvet and will now be polished in advance of the November rut.



From my point of view, there’s much work to be done. Game on!

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.



5 thoughts on “Mature White-tail Bucks

  1. A gorgeous specimen indeed. I startled a cute little ‘spike’ as I drove up the driveway at the house we’ve been working on. I was amazed at how he scrambled up a very steep slope covered in brush. He seems to have a yen for the blackberries that are all over that hillside.

    • I thought this post would wake you up! I was in again last night, still trying to figure out how to get closer and overcome the limitations of bad lighting. Got a nice pic of a young buck but I went to field “B” and the big fella was behind me in field “A”. I pushed him on my way out. @#$%!! I’ll give it a rest and try again next week. Good luck in your white-tail adventures.

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