6 thoughts on ““Red in the Morning, Sailors’ Warning”

  1. Gorgeous skies and clouds. Didn’t see any red skies (too foggy), but we’re being warned to batten down the hatches for a big whopper of a storm rolling in.

    • Thanks Gunta. i was a little late with this one (the norm) – didn’t realize what was going on until I went out to feed the birds. Hope your storm passes through without damage.

      • Thanks! Yesterday’s storm wasn’t much here since we’re at least a dozen miles inland. The big one is predicted to arrive tomorrow. It’s said to be the remnants of a typhoon from the other side of the Pacific.
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  2. Lovely skies, lovely pictures. It’s such a delight to see the expanse of colors and hues reflected in the clouds of a sunset and sunrise. I have a friend who loves painting skies and has had an art installation of her work. I think your pictures are glorious. Thanks!

    • I appreciate the nice comments Kathy. They always seem to pop up and motivate at just the right time! Skies are really challenging for me in terms of being set up in the right landscape at the right time.

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