First Snow (27October2016)

The first snow of the season left its mark on the landscape, in a pleasant sort of way (I don’t dare say that in the village, for fear of being shot). Unfortunately, a cold rain followed, turning the snow into slippery slush.

There was a narrow window of opportunity for “snow shots” this morning, before the rain, and these are some of the highlights.


Cultivated red raspberry, second fruiting


Quaking Aspen leaf


Sugar Maple leaf


Yearling white-tail feeding on persistent foliage (before I showed up)

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “First Snow (27October2016)

  1. First snow is always special. We haven’t had ours yet but I can wait another month. Then it can snow all it wishes. The snow provides much needed reflective light. Do I detect a few whiskers on that deer? lovely photos as always.

  2. Very lovely snow shots. We rarely get to see any here. The deer is set off so beautifully with the varied foliage and snow for background. Great shooting there, Nick.

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