Leafy Macros

The rich, earthy colors of fallen leaves will soon be gone. I searched spring seeps and mossy logs along a woodland trail today, hoping for a few more images to close out the season. These I’ll share:




Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


12 thoughts on “Leafy Macros

    • Seasons. I’m always a little anxious when they change, perhaps because the passing of time is a reminder of one’s mortality. On the other hand, I can’t imagine life as a constant, in the absence of seasons. Thanks Liz.

    • Thanks Anne. I tend to think about the art in nature every time I take an October walk. Sometimes the scenes are overwhelming and I have to stop searching. Eventually it will find me!

    • Thanks Mary. I’ve read quite a bit about the SW and suspect my camera would get a serious workout in your region as well. Our extremes – heat and humidity in summer, bitter cold and deep snow in winter — can be difficult, limiting, even fatal. Autumn — whether it’s anticipated, experienced or remembered — seems to mitigate the extremes and help us appreciate the seasons for what they are: the essential, unbroken life cycle of planet earth. “Explosions of color” is good!

  1. Hi Nick….you are AMAZING!!!!!!!! Your photos are so beautiful….and the text is profound….thanks for sharing that early snowfall and colors…I will walk my beach in Florida and appreciate your views of central NY….my personal thrill this week is sighting of 38 migrating marbled godwits…difficult to work that into a holiday song….but I’ll try!

    • Appreciate the lovely thoughts Linda. I think of the Morrisville “Snowbirds” every time I photograph in the off season. Happy to make the connection and keep everyone current. I hope you have a great winter and enjoy that diverse tropical ecosystem to the fullest! BTW: I’m jealous of your marbled godwits!!!!

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