The Color of Winter

We have four months of winter; I enjoy three of them. The earthy colors and vivid contrasts of uncluttered winter landscapes can be very appealing, even spectacular. Winter also affords us the opportunity to observe the behavior and coping mechanisms of resident birds and mammals as they struggle to find sufficient food and cover amidst dwindling resources. The “dormant” winter season is far from static; there’s a lot going on, and much to learn. I’ll share a few winter highlights from Central New York, captured in January, 2017.


Northern cardinal foraging for grain near a backyard feeder


Eastern wild turkeys searching for waste grain


Round bales on a foggy winter morning


Black-capped chickadee in a lake-effect snow storm


Hilltop panoramic view of farms and woodlands


American crow foraging on waste grain


Morning sunlight on the Chenango River 


Red-bellied woodpecker feasting on a commercial suet block

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “The Color of Winter

  1. Beautiful winter shots, especially the lovely birds. I’m glad our weather here in Mont Alto is not so snowy and cold!

    • Thanks Betsy. When it’s been cold and breezy (20 degrees and falling at the moment) I tend to spend more time with our backyard critters, staying close to the wood stove and coffee pot. I’m hoping for something unusual at the feeders, perhaps a redpoll or red-breasted nuthatch, but nothing yet. Swisher sent me a clipping about the monster oak that fell down near the Mont Alto campus. It was a state champion, 300+ years old!

    • Thanks Shawn. The red-bellied woodpecker is one of my favorite backyard birds in winter but I must admit – the good images are few and far between! I was thrilled to get this one.

  2. I’m falling so very far behind with blogging, but I just had to tell you that the “morning sunlight” shot had me sucking my breath in. Beautiful!!!

    • That stream shot really lights up my monitor and got rave reviews on Facebook. I took it on my way home from a failed wildlife photo shoot! Glad you found the time to visit and comment. Hope you get caught up and continue blogging – always enjoy your work. Thanks Gunta.

      • It’s getting to be a scramble to get the ‘new’ house ready and listing the old one! THEN, once it’s over, I should have lots of time to enjoy the beach and surrounding woods with creek. Should be fun with lots of photo ops.

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