Deer in Mid Winter

Deer in this area have yet to be physically stressed by deep snow. However, more snow is on the way and the availability of palatable food resources will soon reach an annual low. In response, deer can be seen searching for food around the clock, especially in habitats where concentrated food sources like standing corn are absent.


Deer searching for waste grain in a snow-covered field

Deer tend to throw caution to the wind and frequent bird feeders when natural foods are scarce. This one, young and curious, investigated our backyard bird feeders this afternoon. Two or three others, less tolerant of human activity, will visit in darkness.



Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.






8 thoughts on “Deer in Mid Winter

    • Thanks Jo. That deer is coming in several times a day now – it’s in the spruce trees at the edge of the yard as we speak. Wish I wasn’t so close to the highway. I’m going to cut more browse on the hill, hoping to give it a natural alternative far from the road.

  1. We keep feed (AntlerMax Watershed by Purina) in the feeders year around, but of course the foxes, raccoons and opossums like to eat it too. Our area needs rain, but some greens are coming up and trees look about to bud. Our temps have been unseasonably warm in Oklahome this winter. Beautiful photos, Nick.

    • Interesting to hear about your management program and also the abnormal weather. We had much winter kill on woody plants last year due to extremes in temperature and disrupted rhythms. I’m working with wild deer and in NYS and it is unlawful to feed them artificially due to the threat of chronic wasting disease. Serious penalties and a serious, uncontrollable disease.

      • I know that is the situation in many states, where feeding wildlife is illegal. I understand that Chronic Waste is a horrible thing. I hope we never see it in this area.

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