Weathering the Storm

A European Starling, hunkering down in a snowstorm – and not far from a suet feeder! (click on the image for a full-screen view).


Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

    • A common bird, sometimes a nuisance, yet able to command attention and capture the imagination on a snowy day. That’s something I love about photography. Appreciate the visit and thought niasunset.

    • Great! I thought I was alone in the wilderness with this post. I know “blackbirds” in general can be a serious nuisance where they congregate by the thousands, but I have no problem with them. Several starlings occupy a vacant martin bird house here every summer. I watch them grubbing in the lawn, feeding their young. And of course I love the winter portrait with black and white contrasts.

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