Flying High

I walk for wellness but this morning I came home with a stiff neck! I watched wave after wave of geese flying high and with purpose, all moving in a northerly direction. Three or four thousand birds passed overhead in an hour, many of them so high they were more easily heard than seen, dark specs strung out across the puffy white clouds.

Some flocks were Canada Geese…


while others were Snow Geese.



Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “Flying High

    • Agree! But, also hoping that the extreme fluctuation in weather doesn’t wreak havoc on biological clocks as it did last year. There were honeybees at the bird feeders today (60 degrees)…..and nasty cold/snow is on the way. Very disconcerting.

    • Interesting. We have both resident and migratory Canada geese, most of which have become quite a nuisance. Snow geese on the other hand are more of a novelty. We only see them during migration and don’t often see them up close and personal. I’m hoping that the approaching storm will force some to stop and rest/feed in our farm fields.

  1. Is this early for them? Some redbud trees have bloomed here in Missouri, much too early, along with daffodils. We went from 80º yesterday to 50º today and could drop to 20º tonight.

    • Yes. These extreme fluxuations in weather are alarming from an ecological point of view. A similar pattern last year resulted in much winter kill of woody plants (mostly shrubs) that had been forced out of dormancy prematurely.

    • Thanks Holly. You’re right about the sound of geese overhead although the strain of “resident” geese in Central New York can deaden the senses a bit. Yesterday a flock of red-winged blackbirds appeared in the big oak at the edge of the yard – another harbinger of spring in these parts!

  2. I’m a student of the writings of Aldo Leopold, who said: “One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of March thaw, is the Spring.” ….I wish I’d put this in my post!

      • I have a modest, mid-priced DSLR system (“prosumer”)
        that includes a Nikon D7100 body, several Nikon lenses that embrace wide angle to 300 mm, and a couple of tripods. I usually carry just one lens, two at the most, and rely on close encounters to compensate for the absence of big telephoto lenses. Honestly, the photography world, including the media for viewing photos, is changing so rapidly ..I have no idea what I would buy if I was just entering the field!

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