The Joy of Spring


Skunk Cabbage leaves unfolding


Chippy after a field trip to the bird feeder


The female flower of a Norway Spruce tree


Eurasian honeysuckle, an invasive shrub, in full bloom


A mature doe reaching above my protective fencing to nibble on the new growth of a young apple tree; deer are losing their winter coats and look pretty ragged


Morels in a maple-hemlock woodlot


A fat and happy Red Squirrel framed in dandelion seed heads


Osprey after an incredible 30 meter dive into the shallow water of a large pond

Gone fishing………………………………….

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

15 thoughts on “The Joy of Spring

    • Thanks Jane. Needless to say, I don’t get a lot done around here at this time of year, especially when the weather presents an ever-changing obstacle course for photography as well as chores. 🙂

    • Thanks. Would love to know the story of the solitary doe. First saw her last fall and she is the only deer on the property that tolerates my presence. Hoping for a fawn and photo ops but I don’t think she was bred in November; could be wrong though………..

    • Thanks Gunta. Yes.Tented near a freestone stream in the mountains and caught lots of small trout on a fly rod (catch and release regs). Been doing this for half a century and it gets better, never old. Rain, overcast, and cold were challenging, but got some pics to post. Hope your transition is going well.

      • The transition is moving along. Finally starting to feel like some progress, though we are STILL waiting on the slow wheels of bureaucracy to spit out a needed permit! (sigh)

        Eric loves to fish and I think he’s chomping at the bit to try out some fly fishing at the creek on our new property! He already caught a couple of salmon (hatchery raised) in the kayak last year.

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