Hide and Seek with a Great Blue Heron

I often encounter the resident Great Blue Heron when walking a canal towpath. On this occasion, we came eye-to-eye at 75 meters and it tolerated my advance, for awhile. It eventually tired of the game, took flight, and headed for its preferred wetland habitat – straight up the canal past me!





Photos by NB Hunter. ©All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “Hide and Seek with a Great Blue Heron

  1. Fabulous shooting there! For some reason our Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets are uncommonly shy. They would never let me approach so close. We have hundreds of them that visit the flood plains in the winter and they fly off if anyone so much as slows the car down to snap a picture. Wild guess, but I wonder if the duck hunting allowed in the same area doesn’t contribute to that reaction.

    • Thanks Gunta. I know what you mean about heron behavior and I’ve had similar experiences. I think this bird is unusually tolerant (40-50 meters) because it sees towpath walkers and/or fishermen most days….. The human x wildlife interface that is changing much of conventional wisdom on animal behavior.

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