Wild Daisies

In the summer months the fragile spring flowers of moist, shaded woodlands give way to hardy species that thrive in open, disturbed sites. They colonize places that are inhospitable to most of our native plants, including nasty roadside habitats. Daisies are a group of plants that occupy that niche and their flowers, en masse, are now a pleasing sight.

Oxeye Daisy in full bloom, field – road ecotone (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum; Composite Family).




Photos by NB Hunter. ©All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “Wild Daisies

  1. ….and the beneficial little “long hoverfly” that many erroneously believe are bees 🐝. Btw I love oxeye daisies. A touch of the wild in my gardens even though they are rogue European flowers. They bloom much earlier than the shastas I have. Nice pictures. I like the “bouquet ” in the first shot and of course the hoverfly.

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