October Memories


Wisps of clouds and soft colors defined a warm and peaceful sunrise


Natural rhythms were interrupted by unusually warm, dry and erratic weather patterns


Early leaf drop and muted colors in woodlands shifted attention to the landscape underfoot


The Harvest Moon reminded all of the landscape overhead


Harvested fields were crowded with hungry geese


Gulls as well as geese foraged in dense, low fog on cold mornings


Searches for fall landscapes led to familiar haunts, like the old mill pond


Driven more by photoperiod than the tricky warm weather, a mature male beaver prepared for winter by harvesting an aspen tree and stashing branches at the family lodge


Staghorn Sumac was on fire!


A large ash tree, dead for many years, returned to life. An impressive mass of “Chicken-of-the woods” fungus fruited on the base of the snag and lit up a drab woodland scene.


October reflections

Photos by NB Hunter (October 2017). © All Rights Reserved.


13 thoughts on “October Memories

    • Thanks Alison. October scenes are so rich and interesting. I struggled to select a limited number of special images and had to settle on a stream of consciousness strategy. 🙂

    • Glad you liked it and I’m happy to hear that the flight shot caught your eye. My first impression wasn’t all that good but it seemed to improve a lot with fresh eyes and a good night’s sleep!

  1. I like your stream of consciousness very much. That last one is a unique abstract to cap it off. Very nice sequence. So sorry to hear of the “Tech Support Purgatory”! 😦

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