23 thoughts on “Our Winter Super Moon

  1. Oh, my gosh Nick!! That is beautiful!! Cloudy here. I just get a white spot in the middle of black pic. Even with a tripod and slow shutter, just can’t get it. So glad you did! Just gorgeous!

    • Really appreciate your comments. I had to drive several miles and arrived too late to capture the moonrise on the horizon. But, I saw it from the road and almost lost control of my truck. 🙂 It was huge and brilliant against the night sky – surreal!!

    • Pleased to hear you say that Carol. I sometimes fail to capture true colors in dark skies. I posted this image because it seemed to be very “real” and close to what I could see with the naked eye. Thanks!

  2. Ah, you’ve given me something to shoot for (so to speak) next January when the super moon returns. My efforts at this one were stymied by clouds and inexperience. 🙂

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