Backyard Bushy Tails

This is an excerpt from the rodent instruction manual for conducting a bird feeder raid on a snowy winter day. Enjoy!


Scout for predators and nuisance photographers


Run like the wind



Take advantage of snow squalls to conceal your mission


Scout again when the squall subsides – you never know


Devour everything in sight



But not so much that you can no longer run!



Run up and down a smooth pole: vigorous exercise after a heavy meal is important

Photos by NB Hunter (December 2017). © All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Backyard Bushy Tails

  1. Love this. The squirrels who come to my deck rail feeders have this sequence of scurrying down to perfection, especially if my cats have ventured out into the cold.

  2. My bird feeder is squirrel proof although I do feed the grey squirrels peanuts. They haven’t been coming around recently however due to the -26C weather without the windchill factor… But it will warm up soon even if it is still cold.

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