Mid Winter Memories


Frozen rain drops on White Pine needles


A curious White-breasted Nuthatch


Female cardinal




Red Squirrel with piebald coloration (leucism)


Farmland whitetails foraging in a storm


A dairy farm at first light


Snowy Owl gliding toward a late morning perch

Photos by NB Hunter (January, 2018). © All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Mid Winter Memories

  1. I think you must have been intrepid to capture these great shots in such harsh conditions. They certainly convey something of the cold that I find hard to imagine. Thank you. I have been short of time and energy lately, and I have really enjoyed catching up with your posts.

    • Thanks! I’m thrilled that you decided to “catch up” because your comments are so thoughtful and rewarding. I have a ton of winter gear but I do a lot of shooting from my “truck blind” and other sheltered vantage points. So, the investment is largely time, fuel and camera — and the returns on that investment are well worth it!!!

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