Lasting Images of March 2018


Wood Ducks 6March2018


Wild Turkey gobbler searching for waste grain 7March2018


Mature Bald Eagle feeding on a road-killed deer 8March2018


Desperate wild turkeys searching for seeds in old burdock 8March2018


Young deer, now relying on fat reserves for survival 11March2018


Foraging muskrat, seemingly oblivious to the snow and cold 17March2018


Evidence of the spring thaw at Chittenango Falls State Park 31March2018


A Rough-legged Hawk hunting over melting snow in the fields

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “Lasting Images of March 2018

    • This extended winter has had a profound impact on all of us, people and animals alike. I’ve made a serious effort to capture representative images with aesthetic as well as environmental value. You seem to understand that, and I’m really glad you commented. Thank you!!!

  1. You know my favorite is the deer. Turkeys are always a great capture too. I’ve been hearing some turkey calls to the west… I believe I need to get busy trying to photograph those keen-eyed birds!!

    • Over the years I’ve seen many gobblers strutting around in the spring, but have yet to capture one in close, in full display, with vivid colors glistening in morning sun. That should be starting now….but a miserable, cold rain, with occasional flurries, has put everything on hold. I did not see a turkey today and I don’t think they ever left the roost. Good luck…hope we both realize our turkey goal!

      • We’ve been getting high winds and colder temps again. We still have nighttime freezes. They’re even saying on Friday night chances of snow. I won’t be out there with the camera any time soon!

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