Diving Ducks

Faced with nasty weather, I took a short road trip in search of wildlife that might be out and about in freezing rain: perhaps an insulated, waterproof species, at home in the icy water. To my surprise, that turned out to be dozens of ring-necked ducks on a local reservoir. They were feeding, sometimes diving in unison. These little ducks are always a treat, but especially so in a cold and dreary landscape.




Photos by NB Hunter (3April2018).

4 thoughts on “Diving Ducks

  1. I’m always envious of your ability to photograph wildlife! We have some ducks here on the slough and also the old river channel. I never can get close enough to get a photograph – they fly off every time! I suppose if I had all day to sit and wait I might get some good shots. Apparently, I’m just not quiet enough to sneak up on them!

    • Thanks Mary but don’t overlook a key ingredient for my photographic journey: retirement has given me the time to go all in and engage the natural world on a daily basis. It wasn’t all that long ago that I would be sitting here now, reviewing my lectures and lab exercises for the day instead of responding to blog comments! 🙂

      • I will be there one day too! I’m just lucky to be working outdoors where I sometimes have good luck photographing the wild things.

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