Whitetails in Early Summer

Recreational interest in deer increases dramatically in early summer. This is especially true in farm country where visibility is good and deer are constantly on the move in response to the growth and management of crops. Patient viewers are often rewarded with sightings of nursing fawns (about a month old now) and bucks in velvet.

Following up on a report of fawn triplets and a mature buck on a local dairy farm, I set out to investigate fields of waist-high corn and uncut hay.


Damselfly on the tall grass of an uncut hay field

Deer were moving into the fields almost immediately after a tractor and loaded hay wagon left for the day. They grow accustomed to big, noisy farm machinery and know precisely where the most nutritious and palatable crops are located on any given day. The adaptability of whitetails never ceases to amaze me.

This buck, approaching the fields from thick bedding cover, detected me before I was set up and bolted for his swampy retreat cover. He is a large, mature deer and I heard the pounding of his hooves on hard ground before I saw him.





Photos by NB Hunter (June, 2018). © All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “Whitetails in Early Summer

    • Thanks Gloria. The rest of the hay in this field is getting cut this afternoon. I might run over and set up, see what runs out ahead of the tractor! Hope you are well

      • I am well, hope you are as well. Wish you were down here in Cocoa, Florida to take photos of the birds and other sea life. So beautiful and I know you could do an awesome job taking their photos. God Bless.

  1. I have enjoyed your last two posts. It is odd to me that the deer I see are all females….never have seen any with antlers! I saw a brand new fawn a few weeks ago in the middle of a open part of Hall Road. I waited until it ran back into the brush……..thinking that mother  was near by….have seen a pair of rather young ones. We are in for some heat……it seems like it just stopped snowing.

    • Good to hear from you Elaine and thanks for the visit! No field work today. I don’t do all that well when it’s 94 in the shade and the mosquitoes are blood thirsty!

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