Milkweed Update

Our Common Milkweed plants are now bending under the weight of rapidly maturing seed pods. The butterflies and moths are gone, but their eggs have hatched and the next generations are foraging aggressively on milkweed leaves.

Monarch caterpillars:



Milkweed Tussock Moth (or Milkweed Tiger Moth):




Confession: I was unfamiliar with this creature until recently and my first photos were butt shots. Didn’t realize I shot the wrong end of the caterpillar until it started moving!

Photos by NB Hunter (August, 2018). © All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Milkweed Update

  1. Great shots! and lovely to see the Monarch caterpillars! As for the butt shots… I can see the difficulty in determining which end is which. What funny looking critters they are. They remind me of those little rag mop dogs you see at the dog shows! 😀

    • Appreciate the follow and comments. I’ve learned a lot about milkweed since establishing a colony near the house and garden, in a place where I can monitor and photograph activity throughout the season. I highly recommend this strategy!

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