The Great Outdoors in September, 2018

There are seasons, and then there are seasons within seasons. The final three weeks of summer that define the month of September provide vivid proof of the latter.


Banded Woolly Bear caterpillar, the larval stage of a tiger moth

Sulphur butterflies probing for nutrients in the wet, trampled soil of a cow pasture

Chicken of the Woods fruiting body (fried in butter by the landowner after I captured it alive!)

Monarch caterpillar feeding on Common Milkweed

A “fresh” Monarch nectaring on New England Aster (a September staple) in a weedy meadow

A good crop of Red Oak acorns has this squirrel busy all day long!

A young cottontail, now about half the size of its parents

Gray Dogwood, a favorite fuel of migrating birds like robins and catbirds

Most bucks rub their antlers free of dried velvet during the first three weeks of September, an event triggered by decreasing day length and increased testosterone

Foraging wildlife in a hay field in fading light (September 18 – the same date and location as the previous image)

Lastly, a message from my friend’s milk house kittens: Thanks for visiting!!!

Photos by NB Hunter (September, 2018). © All rights reserved.

23 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors in September, 2018

  1. Nick, this is a wonderful post. Let me know if it would be ok for me to put the colourful fungus up as a single-image post for the purpose of encouraging my followers to visit this amazing post! Just let me know if its ok, no need to respond otherwise 🙂 I’d clearly credit and link, as you know.

      • Many thanks for rewarding me for my efforts with these uplifting comments! Saunda, I shall do a “barn kittens” post soon. I prefer wild subjects but can rationalize the subject with their behavior – only one of the 5 kittens is approachable. The others scurry into the cover of vines on the milk house, then peek out with the look of miniature wild cats. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful series, Nick. Nature’s wonders seen through your lens. So much beauty! Chicken of the Woods, the Monarch and Caterpillar and the Gray Dogwood are standouts among these gems.

  4. Hi Nick,
    I have really enjoyed all your beautiful Photos. You do a great job in doing them. I hope you and Maxine are both doing well. I am still able to get about and still drive. I am very fortunate.

    • Hi! We’re thrilled to hear that you are doing so well. You’re a very important part of our history and maintaining this connection means a lot. We’re good. By the way, I had you in mind when I added the kitten to my story! 🙂 Blessings from CNY.

  5. From first to last these were all delightful in their way… though the kitten seemed to steal the show with cuteness! Yay! I finally found a source for local milkweed. Is it true that wooly bears predict the weather for the coming winter? 🍃

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