A Red Fox in Motion

The day after I posted “A Red Fox in Late Winter”, the neighborhood Red Fox burst onto the scene again. It seemed to appear out of nowhere, chasing squirrels that were feasting on birdseed.

This sequence of images begins immediately after the fox jumped high in the air, trying to nab a squirrel as it raced up a wooden light pole. Another squirrel catches its eye, it gives chase again, misses again, then investigates brush piles and moves on.

Photos by NB Hunter (Feb. 19, 2019). © All rights reserved.


21 thoughts on “A Red Fox in Motion

  1. You’ve truly outdone yourself with this set! It’s simply marvelous. Though I’m a bit glad the squirrels got away, but I wouldn’t want that gorgeous fox going hungry either. What a beauty.

    • Thanks Gunta! The winter season, esp. late winter, can be difficult, but experiences like this keep me moving and upbeat. Our snow cover is below normal – just a few inches on the ground now – which means the canids should be able to find their bread and butter prey – mice and voles.

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