Capturing Mid Summer Memories

Mid summer is a season of extremes, where observations and activities bridge the seasons. One minute I’m in the moment, enjoying the comforting stillness and beauty of cultivated fields of hay and grain. On another day,  I’m watching young animals mature before my eyes or thinking of winter and tossing more seasoned firewood into the pole shed.

The “neighborhood red fox” that I first photographed in late winter snow is now a parent and at least two pups are following in their parents footsteps. We see one or two foxes several times a week, hunting, loafing, eating bird seed or scavenging in the compost pile. They’re crepuscular, so the light is usually poor when they appear. Movement is fast, silent and effortless as they drift through, like a wisp of smoke. There’s at least one adult and two pups in the mix.

Observing whitetails foraging and romping around in cultivated fields in summer and early fall is a treat that rivals the satisfaction of a pail of fresh-picked berries. Antler development in mature bucks gets everyone’s attention, but scenes of fawns in a meadow in late afternoon light is magical.

The wild apple trees are heavy with fruit this year, and deer have taken notice. They’re  already responding, searching for early drops – the hard, green things that only a wild animal can enjoy.

I’m never far from wetlands and open water when out and about with the camera, so a summer story would be incomplete without a foraging heron or, unusual for this area, a wandering egret going “all in” for a frog!.

Happy summer from Central New York!

Photos by NB Hunter (July, 2019). © All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Capturing Mid Summer Memories

  1. I really like all these photos Nick. They capture something essential about summer and the wildness of the animals. I particularly like the first photo of the farmlands, and the one of the fox in action with both fore-paws off the ground, and the photo of the two fawns in that lovely light is breathtaking – magical as you say.

  2. Your visual story telling really capture moments and so complement your descriptions of a passing season, Nick. Get a sense of the bucolic and pastoral with autumn lurking round the corner. Red fox looks well fed and that’s quite a surprising scene of an opportunistic scavenger. The deer look enchanting; the water and bird shots cast a spell of serenity. Summer, half way gone and time marches on …

  3. Utterly delightful! Great shots of the foxes and I love the way the sun lights the deer’s ears up in red. And last, but definitely not least, the Egret all-in shot is exceptional. Looks like a lovely summer you’re having!

  4. I always find foxes quite interesting to observe. I see them here just outside the kitchen window, going about their hunting business in broad daylight. They’re very active here at night too. As you know, I love the deer images. This is a special time of year, kind of slow, just before the rut season begins. All of the wildlife you have presented here looks healthy… and perhaps it’s those beautiful winter coats coming in that give them a more robust look!

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