Late Summer Gold, 2019

Wildflowers are the perfect bookends to the growing season! Spring ephemerals like trillium and bloodroot introduce spring, while late summer beauties like the goldenrods and asters provide a colorful transition into the dormant season.

Goldenrods (Solidago spp.) dominate fallow fields, forest edges and waste places. There are dozens of species and variations in size and form, some as tall as seven feet. In full bloom, showy clusters of tiny flowers form plumes, wands, clubs and spikes, depending on the species.

The goldenrod bloom creates endless photo opportunities as it frames, attracts and enhances subjects of interest in a single glance. These examples made me smile, and illustrate why I embrace seasons of change.

As August gives way to September, chilly nights and the approach of autumn, the uniform sea of golden yellow is enhanced by the arrival of a vivid palette of asters. And summer’s curtain call is complete.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All rights reserved.



9 thoughts on “Late Summer Gold, 2019

  1. Oh wow, Nick, these photos are just magnificent. Just survived hurricane Dorian here in Florida, and needed a pick me up of memories back home. These did the trick. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Your pictures are very similar to the wildlife here in Southern Ontario. lol. Were only like 200 miles apart. So obviously it is very similar with the exception that you have the Adirondacks.

  3. That golden is intense. How nice to think of the flowers bookending the growing seasons. I also particularly like the photo of the young deer tilting his head. I have tried to stop myself from noting that it is so endeering …

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