Wildlife Gardens: Bee Balm for Hummingbirds

Friends have a lovely little colony of Bee Balm (Monarda) in the backyard of their rural home and invited me over for photo shoots while they were away on vacation. The subject of interest was hummingbirds and I’ll share the results of two, mid-morning trips.

Photos by NB Hunter (July, 2021). © All Rights Reserved.

Summer Meadows and Halloween Pennants

There’s so much to see in a meadow on a warm summer afternoon, especially in the world of insects. I love watching dragonflies as they perch, cruise and hunt, sometimes putting on a dazzling display of flight maneuvers that would make any military proud. Halloween pennants are a favorite species, in part because they afford multiple image possibilities from a perched position. Perched atop tall stalks of grass, amber wings in constant motion for stability in a shifting breeze, they put on quite a show. This female Halloween Pennant entertained me during walks on a couple of hot, breezy afternoons in late June.

Photos by NB Hunter (Central New York; late June, 2021). © All rights reserved.