A Great Egret in Central New York

Every now and then a Great Egret wanders into my viewing area in Central New York during the late summer/early fall migration. We are blessed with abundant surface waters and wetlands, ideal habitats for wading birds like herons and egrets. This year, a solitary egret chose the shallow waters and wetland habitats of a small mill pond to feed and rest. I set up in the morning light to observe and photograph this beautiful bird behaving naturally and must share the story. The gallery is a rough sequence of events as the egret left a log perch to hunt and forage in shallow water. It relocated once, hence the flight sequence. Enjoy!

Photos by NB Hunter (Madison County, NY; September, 2021); © All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “A Great Egret in Central New York

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely sequence – complete with reflections and frozen drops of water. This must have been a peaceful encounter with a lovely bird.

    • Thanks Anne! Appreciate your detailed observations and feedback. You’re right. There’s nothing like an experience where you can set up, quietly blend in and observe as natural events unfold.

  2. Hi, Simply lovely. What a blessing to capture the action sequence. Love the reflections on the water and the curl of its wings in flight. Enjoy seeing the community of ducks also.

    • Thanks Kathy. Two very enjoyable mornings, with satisfactory results under the circumstances. A blessing indeed. Have an issue with my dominant right eye and had to do this shoot left handed, without the benefit of binocular vision and depth of field. Autofocus saved the day. Best wishes to you and yours.

  3. The Great Egret is so elegant. What a lovely sequence of photos showing bird, water, vegetation, and ducks. The color combination was great.

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