Hunting Deer on Thin Ice

Late winter, with a combination of ice and open water on surface waters, presents a fleeting window of opportunity for nature photography. My recent posts on ducks, muskrats and mink were the result of this phenomenon. It was 60 degrees F today, the ice is melting quickly, and the window is about to close. I plan to shoot until it does.

This morning I followed up on a report of eagles feeding on a dead deer on the thin ice of a local reservoir. I found three bald eagles and a coyote in the area. Two mature eagles were on the carcass and a juvenile was a couple hundred feet away, near the distant shore. The coyote made a brief appearance, hunting the far shoreline and ecotone. Much of what I observed was beyond the reach of my gear, but I managed to capture the essence of the experience!






Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.