Snow and Ice…Finally!


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Christmas Eve was a snow-free, 60 degree day. I found a wood tick crawling on my ear after a hike. Unprecedented. My morale was falling as quickly as the Syracuse records for snow fall and temperature. Fact of the matter … Continue reading

Frosty Winter Morning

Frost2Feb13#127EUnder the right conditions, a bitterly cold winter morning  can provide some magical scenes, especially detailed close-ups. Moist air (and soil), subzero night-time temperatures and bright skies led to these shots of feathery, white frost formations, one on a puddle, the other on the twig of a bur oak tree.

FrostBurOak2Feb13#129EThe photographic window is all too fleeting though: I like the effect of sunlight on white frost, but the added warmth destroys the subject right before your eyes! 

Photos by NB Hunter, 2013